At Duracool Patios, we stand behind the quality of our patio covers. Our warranty is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Rest assured that when you choose Duracool Patios, you're choosing a product that is built to last.



United Duralume Products, Inc referred to as UDPI in this document will guarantee those products manufactured by UDPI and sold under the Duracool Patios. For the lifetime of the structure they were originally installed upon, providing they were installed by an Authorized Dealer. All other products distributed by UDPI are warranted by their original Manufacture.
UDPI guarantees to the property owner registered on this certificate that the color coating of the DuraCool Aluminum products installed on the property described on this certificate will not under normal atmospheric conditions peel, blister, flake, chip, or crack as a result of a manufacturing defect.


1. This Guarantee does not cover damage or deterioration caused by anything other than a manufacturing defect of UDPI material. This includes but is not limited to the following; unauthorized or faulty installation, Acts of God, acts of third parties, falling objects, structural settling or earth movement, external forces, explosions, fire, corrosive atmospheres such as those contaminated by chemical fumes, saltwater or ocean moisture, fading due to other elements, acid or chemicals (including harmful cleaning compounds) animal feces, • urine, fertilizer, extreme heat, leaching due to roofing materials, screws and other fasteners connecting parts, and any steel components or any other occurrences beyond our control. Also, failure of the owner to provide reasonable maintenance of the product per the instructions on the reverse side. Replacement Plastic Parts may be purchased on the web at www.patioparts.co

2. In order for this guarantee to be enforceable, any claim hereunder must be presented in writing, including a copy of this certificate, within 30 days after the defect was first detectable. UDPI reserves the right to inspect the claimed defect prior to any adjustments, repairs or replacement. UDPI reserves the right to approve the claim in the final decision.

3. If after proper inspection of the defect, the determination is made that the claim is valid, UDPI will, at its sole discretion, refinish, replace or repair the defective material or any evidence of defeat. Any labor or other materials used in this process will be provided by or approved by UDPI. The property owner will be responsible for any other expenses incurred which are not approved by UDPI.

4. This guarantee shall constitute the property owner’s sole and exclusive remedy and in no event shall UDPI be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. UDPI shall not be further liable for the differences in color or tone between existing installation and any repair/replacement installation.

5. This guarantee will become invalid if the original installation is altered in any way. This includes but is not limited to repainting, repair-ing, replacing, removing, reworking, refinishing or installation of other parts, structures, devices or components without prior written approval from UDPI.

6. This guarantee excludes all other guarantees, representations or warranties, including warranties or merchantability and fitness for purpose expressed or implied, by operation of law or otherwise.

7. This guarantee shall be effective only after receipt of the fully completed form below or registered on line at www.duracoolpatios.com/warranty. The guarantee must be received by UDPI no later than 30 days after the date of installation.

8. This guarantee is transferable to a subsequent owner of the property described below. UDPI must be notified of the transfer no later than 30 days after the transfer of the property title, including a copy of this certificate.


United Duralume Products, Inc. Limited Lifetime Material Guarantee Registration Certificate This is to certify that the below named customer has purchased a United Duralume Products, Inc., product. I hereby certify that the above installation has been supplied as ordered, has been properly installed and functions satisfactorily.